Keywords = Thiamethoxam
Computational and Toxicological Evaluation of Thiamethoxam as Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Modulator Against Cowpea Aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch.

Volume 16, Issue 4, December 2023, Pages 135-150

Mohamed N. Abdelmoteleb; Amany Z. Mohamed; Noha A. Genidy; Doaa R. Abdel-Haleem

Variation in Oral Acute Toxicity of Thiamethoxam According to the Volume Administered in Algerian Honeybees

Volume 14, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 123-131

Chahbar Adidou Nora; Kamel, Hamadi; Mohamed, Chahbar; Messaouda, Belaid; Fatma, Acheuk; Salaheddine, Doumandji

Physiological Studies of Some Insecticides on Spodoptera littoralis Larvae

Volume 13, Issue 2, June 2020, Pages 333-344

Hanan S. Abd-El-Aziz; Mohamed A. S. Salama; Hassan, A. T.