The Toxic Effect of Certain New Alternative Insecticides against Bacterocera zonata under Laboratory Conditions

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Plant Protection Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt


Tephritid fruit flies are a group of dangerous insects, attack fruits of fruit trees and certain vegetable fruits in all over the world causing direct and indirect economic injury, from it Bactrocera zonata (Saunders) (Diptera: Tephritidae) is known as a most serious pest of tropical and subtropical. The experiments carried out during first February, 2018, Bactrocera zonata adults (Saunders) (Diptera: Tephritidae), adults of B. zonata were taken from plant protection research institute at Doki , Giza, Egypt,  thenceforth transferred to plant protection research, Sharkia branch .The current study aimed to study the toxic effect of certain two marine sponges,Callyspongia  crassa and Grayella cyathophora, bath extracted with ethanol against and used against Bactrocera zonata under laboratory condition at branch of plant protection research institute at Sharkia governorate .The results indicated that the  B. zonata female was more susceptibility to these materials compared with B. zonata male . Especially, LC 50 of Callyspongia  crassa recorded 1482.6, 1482.6, 705.8 and 496.6 ppm after 48, 72h., 5  days and 10 days against male  , respectively but Crella cyathophora extract on B. zonata after 48, and 72 h., 5 days and 10 days  recorded 2900, 989.1, 989.1, and 429.9 ppm against male , respectively.Also, the results showed that the toxic effect  ofCallyspongia crassa and Crella cyathophora extract with ethanol  on B. zoata female  after  48, and 72 h., 5 days , where after 48h, the data revealed that the lowest LC50 was 530 ppm in case Callyspongia crassa and Crella cyathophora with 95%confidence 2.83 While, the highest LC50 was 989.1 ppm with confidence value 5.45. Moreover, the highest LC90 was 3577.6  ppm at confidence value5.5but the lowest LC90 was 1504.9 ppm at confidence value 5.5 After 48h and 10 days , respectively.