Comparison Between Some Mulberry Varieties on Silkworm, Bombyxmori L Economic Traits

Document Type : Original Article


Sericulture Research Department, Plant Protection Research Institute, Agric. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt


Five mulberry varieties were used for tests. These varieties were Morus alba Linn. Var. Kaeryang- Bpong (K1), Morus alba Linn. Var. Kokuso-27 (K2), Morus alba Linn. Var. Canava-2 (K3), Morus alba Linn. Var. Suisfen (K4) and Morus alba Linn. Var. Ardnyl (K5).
The agronomical parameters recorded, were shoot length, number shoots/tree, number leaves/ shoot, leaf /shoot ratio, weight of 100 leaf, number leaves/100g, leaf yield/tree, leaf yield/fadden and leaf moisture percentage.
Young instars duration, fourth instar duration, fifth instar duration, total larval duration, pupation ratio, cocooning percentage, number of cocoons/liters, cocoon weight, cocoon shell weight, pupal weight and cocoon shell ratio, silk productivity, length and weight of silk filament, size of reeled thread (denier) and silk ratio (silk recovery) were registered.
Biochemical analysis was done to estimate the total chlorophyll, chlorophyll A and B & ratio of chlorophyll A/B and carotenoids.