Anticipated Factors Affecting Extraction of Venom from Honey Bees colonies by Electrical Impulses.

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Protection Dept., Fac. of Agric., Assiut Univ., Egypt


Some factors affecting bee venom extraction by electrical impulses directly from honey bee colonies were studied.  Two experiments were conducted during the summer months to study the effect of defensive response degree, colony strength level, and season time of collection. Twenty-four carniolan hybrid honey bee colonies were used.
          The results revealed that defensive response was depended on the colony strength and season time of collection. When the number of stings par colony was determined, the stings number was related to the number of frames covered with bees. Bee venom amount which weakly extracted significantly differed during summer months (July and August). From the results of the variability of extracted venom amounts, the main peak of production was recorded during July month. Negative correlation coefficients were recorded between defensive response and collected bee venom from three strength levels from honey bee colonies