Food Coloring Additives as a New Technology to Get Colorful Cocoons from Silkworm bombyx mori. L. and its Effect on the Economic parameters

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Protection Dept., Fac. of Agric. and Natural Resources, Aswan Univ., Aswan, Egypt


The purpose of this study is to get cheap and new methods to color the silk of silkworm bombyx mori L. without affecting the economic parameters of the silkworm. Two colors were used to color the cocoons, Red and Blue. In each group, Meany parameters were studied. Both colors showed a positive significance compared to the control group.  The percent from control was calculated and it had no negative effect on the parameters. Larval fresh weight at the end of the 5th instar was (2.857and 2.588gm) in red and blue, respectively. The maximum mean numbers were recorded in shell weight and shell ratio (0.284gm. and 20.87 %) in the blue color, respectively. Also, data cleared that using Food Coloring as a supplement in feeding detected a non-significant decrease in the parameters of silkworm compared with the control. However, the cost of the food colorants is cheaper than the industrial dyes. More studies need to assess how to get coloring silk at a low cost, is available, healthy, and enduring.