The Effect of Onion Powder (Allium Sp.) As An Antibiotic on The Larval Haemolymph of Silkworm and Its Effect on The Economic Parameters of Cocoons as A Food Supplementary

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Plant Protection Dept., Fac. of Agric. and Natural Resources, Aswan Univ., Aswan, Egypt


The study aims to use natural antimicrobial such as onion powder ( Allium sp < /em>.) which has an effective role as a strong antibiotic to raise the immunity of sensitive silkworm larvae to infection with many diseases. 
              Three doses of Onion powder were used 5,10 and 15gm, and the following was studied:
The first is: Haemolymph of the fifth instar larvae: where the percentage of dissolved solids, the total number of blood cells and the differentiation number of blood cells were calculated. Results showed that the dose of 10 gm recorded a maximum number in T.S.S. (17.67%), while the dose of 5 gm showed a maximum number of THC (3500 haemocytes /mm3).  Also, data recorded a significant difference between doses and control in the five types of cells in the haemolymph.  The second: The economic parameters of the cocoons and the weight of silkworm larvae of the fifth age and the effect of using the onion powder on these traits were studied. The results showed that the maximum weight of the larvae was in the dose of 15 gm while the dose of 10 gm was the highly increment in the weight of cocoon, cocoon shell weight and the shell ratio. It concluded that the use of 5 and 10gm from Onion Powder as supplementary feeding on the mulberry leaves enhanced the immunology of larvae without affecting the quality of the economic parameters of the cocoons.