Taxonomic Revision of Tribe Akidini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Insect classification and survey Dept., Plant protection Res., Inst., ARC, Dokki, Giza


In this work tribe Akidini of subfamily Pimellinae belonging to family Tenebrionidae was revised. In Egypt, two genera are Akis Herbest and Morica Solier compressed 9 species were recorded in the tribe Akidini; seven species belonging to the genus Akis are A. cyrenaicaA. elevata; A. gestroi; A. latreillei; A. reflexa; A. scluptior; A. trilineata and two species belonging to genus Morica which are M. constitubera and  M. grossa. Representatives of most species were available whether from the field survey during the present work and/or at the Egyptian Reference Insect Collections. The present study has been planned to survey, Classify and determine the recent taxonomic status of the available species of tribe Akidini in Egypt. Diagnosis of tribe, genera and species with illustrations of all taxa are given.