Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2021 
A fermented Pollen Substitute Diet Affects Wax Construction by Honey Bee Workers, (Apies mellifera L.)

Pages 1-11

Mohamed Mahbob; Mostafa, Adahm; Abdel-Rahman, Mohamed; Sayed, Rania-Qurash

Biomorphic Characters of Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Maize in Pakistan

Pages 13-18

Tanveer Ahmad; Hafiz Afrasiab Ali; Abdul Ghaffar; Kashif Jehan; Muhammad Usama Mustafa; Rashid Ali; Ahmad Faraz; Muhammad Ramzan

Ultrastructure of Midgut of Scrabeus sacer (Coleoptera:Scrabaeidae)

Pages 33-46

Nancy Taha Mohamed; Mahmoud ELasser; Ahmed S. El-Ebiarie; Doaa Hassan

Preparation, Characterization and Anticancer Activity of Chitosan Prepared from the American Cockroach, Periplaneta americana

Pages 163-171

Mahmoud T. Mahboub; Mostafa I. Hassan; Ahmed S. Bream; Aly F. Mohamed; Mohammad R. K. Abdel-Samad

The Life Cycle of Armyworm, Spodoptera litura (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) Destructive Pest of Cabbage

Pages 191-194

Muhammad Ramzan; Muhammad Yasir Naseer Asghar; Muhammad Ijaz; Muhammad Abid; Muhammad Uzair Sardar; Muhammad Ammar Latif; Muhammad Hassan; Muhammad Salman Akram; Muhammad Zain Moharvi

Revision of the Antlions of The Genus Creoleon Tillyard, 1918 from Egypt

Pages 195-204

Hayam El Hamouly; Rabab F. Sawaby; Gawhara M.M. Abu El-Hassan